Simply stated, our goal is:
"To supply our customers a full package program of knitted apparel products at the highest level of service, quality, compliance and value."

CCKM was established in 1959 as a manufacturer of knitted apparel to service better brands and specialty retailers. In 1990, the Company expanded its manufacturing base in Central America by opening Brooklyn Manufacturing in El Salvador, gradually expanding its footprint and now have over 180,000 of manufacturing space there with approximately 1,800 employees.

From the beginning, the Company believed it best to offer a full package of services to its customers - working closely with the customer in product development, handling raw material purchasing, cutting, sewing, accessorizing, packaging and finally, shipping. Fifty years of experience has resulted in an enhanced understanding of the full package methodology. Also, we have greatly refined our raw material supply chain thus enabling us to establish a quick turn response time to meet the speed to market requirements of our customers.

We understand that each customer has its own unique requirements and we have structured our organization accordingly. We understand those differences and will meet and/or exceed customer requirements from development through manufacturing to logistics. We are also structured to handle both very large and small programs, including basics and fashion including garments with a very high degree of needle work.